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Stress & Anxiety Management



"I have been using both neuro feedback and hypnotherapy services provided by Coca, and I am extremely happy that my friend recommended Coca to me. I am fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and attentive at my side to help support my general and mental health. Coca's ability to identify and address the problem, as well as to recommend the exact resources I needed is a valuable asset, and it had a great impact on my wellbeing.  Meeting Coca was a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend her as a professional."


"Chris is healing not only as an acupuncturist but as a counsellor. The very first conversation took us about 40 minutes and Chris captured all my health and mental problems right away. I received a file with my diagnosis and a lot of priceless advice. My energy level improved and stress decreased significantly after the very first treatment, I believe, because Chris was listening and asking the right questions. She really helped me to open up and discuss all my issues."


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" Coca was instrumental in helping me with deep profound relationship grief. She was calm, professional, safe and each session inched me closer to the desired outcome of peace, joy and happiness in my life. Bar none, Neuroptimal neurofeedback is the path to personal freedom and I have and will continue to recommend Coca and this program works for a plethora of life issues."

With Gratitude


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"Balancing my family life, while working as and elementary school teacher, requires that I find healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety. Even after my first session with Coca, I noticed that I felt calm, more grounded and more equipped to think clearly and feel more capable. As the sessions progressed, I continued to notice that my ability to manage stress became more organic. Neurofeedback and Coca's kind insights and empathy were without a doubt beneficial to me."

Sara B.

"This trained professional specializes in deep stress. She is confident, skillful and really has useful skills and prowess. I am so glad to have found this skilled Chinese Medicine Practitioner."



"Happy experience for my aging mother. First session appears to have helped her anxiety and she didn't have nightmares last night, which is wonderful!"



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"I came to see Chris because I was having trouble with anxiety. After a few sessions, I notice that I am now more aware of my thoughts and can therefore reel them back before they escalate too high. I believe that this has made me feel happier simply because I feel that I have more control over the anxiety than it has over me. I also recognize that I need to address some old belief and thought patterns from the past, but little by little things are changing."


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"We might not think it's important to pay attention to our spiritual state of being but I believe it's one of the first places we need to start. I was so consumed with fear, anxiety and stress before I started the acupuncture and I wasn't really the type to meditate so I thought if I pay more attention to the bad junk programming I had been exposed to my whole life I might be able to dissect my problems and reprogram my beliefs. With Chris' help and with patience, within 2 months I'm a different person than when I started. I began to notice little changes in my behaviour. It definitely wasn't overnight and it needs dedication and a willingness to look at all the ugly, but it does make a difference and I am so happy that I did this for myself."



"Chris will make you feel important and a priority. She is VERY generous with her knowledge and time. Best money spent on myself in a long time. Merci beaucoup, Chris."



"One of the few acupuncturists who really listens, is a healer and kind person who you feel cares for you to get better. Her needles instantly help my stomach every time."


"Both myself and my teenage son are sincerely thankful to Coca for her great professional help and priceless advice. Coca has a fantastic personality, pays great attention to details and provides outstanding life coaching. She applies her talent and a great deal of experience as a school counselor . Coca helps both adults and teenagers.

My son was 12 when he suffered from the traumatic bullying episodes at primary school and became depressed and addicted to gadgets. He could not sleep well, had lots of fears and low self esteem. Also he was extremely anxious about his future in high school. After the 3 month neurofeedback treatment, he could successfully start a year in a new high school, and stopped having panic attacks when he took a break from video games and the computer. Going forward, he was able to achieve an honor with distinction in grade 8 and 9 and never looked back.

I also had my life back after 10 years of a vicious cycle of anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. I suffered from co-dependency in my relationships. Coca treated me for a year. Coca and Neuro helped me to relax, become more become more confident, sleep better, stop avoiding social life and travelling. Fear does not control my life anymore."